turn off Snapchat Memories

How to turn off Snapchat Memories

We know how Snapchat saves some of your highlight videos and pictures for a while, but did you know that you can potentially save those “memories” into Snapchat’s archive for later? The new update includes a feature called Moments, kind of a back-up for your media on your Snapchat account. But what if you didn’t…

GM Streaks

What is “GM Streaks” on Snapchat

Though it’s still a fairly new app, Snapchat has become very popular rather quickly. This is because it’s mysterious, easy to use and totally hilarious. Its features bring convenience and fun into our lives. From the cryptic emojis to the replay features, nothing has come close to Snapchat in all those years.

start a Snapchat Streak

How to start a Snapchat Streak?

In the past half decade, snapchat has become increasingly popular. In particular, Facebook and Twitter accounts are now proving to be of much significance. At the same time, the increased and refined features of snapchat have made its use and also socialization with others to become much easier. For example, inclusion of the snapchat streak…