How To Change Username On Snapchat?

Due to security concerns, Snapchat doesn’t allow it’s users to change their usernames. However, there is a way around this block. It involves you (the user) deleting your current account and creating another one with the desired username. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can go about this process.

Change Username On Snapchat

Part 1: Deleting your current Snapchat account

The only way a Snapchat account can be deleted is from a PC’s web browser since account deletion page is hidden. In addition to this, it’s only smartphones and tablets that have operating systems that support Apps like Snapchat. Here are the steps you should follow;

1. Log in to your computer, connect to the internet and log into your account.

2. Go to the main menu.

3. Click on the ‘Learning the Basics‘ tab.

4. Click on the ‘Account Settings‘ button.

5. Hit the ‘Delete an Account‘ tab and confirm by entering your username and password.

If you follow these steps you’ll get a confirmatory message stating that your account has successfully been deleted. You can alternatively copy this URL ( then paste it on the address bar of your web browser. Test to see whether you account has been deleted by logging in. If it has been deleted, a small window with this message; “Oops! We can’t find an account with that username” will be displayed.

Part 2: Creating a new Snapchat account with the desired username

The second part of this guide can only be done on your smartphone or tablet. Here are the steps on how to go about it

1. Launch the Snapchat App on your phone or tab

2. Click on the ‘Sign Up‘ button.

3. Fill in your personal details. When signing up for Snapchat, you’ll be prompted to fill in your basic information which includes your e-mail address, date of birth, username and preferred password.

4. Proof that you are a human being. Due to the security threat of robots and bots, you’ll be prompted to verify that you are an actual human being. This may sound to be a silly thing but it isn’t; it’s a security measure that robots and bots cannot override. In this case, 9 pictures will be displayed from which you’ll have to identify those that contain a ghost (which is by the way the logo of Snapchat).

5. Once you have selected the pictures tap the ‘Done‘ button and move in to the next step.

6. Choose a username after which you tap ‘Next‘.

7. After you have chosen your username, you’ll be directed to a new page on which you enter your location details i.e. country of residence and phone number. After you have filled in these details, tap the ‘Verify‘ button that shows up at the bottom of the page.

A few minutes after you click on the verify button, you’ll receive a text message with the confirmation code. Copy this verification code then paste it on the verification box that shows up after you have filled in your location details. Your new account with the desired username has now been created. Enjoy using the Snapchat App with your new identity.