How To Get Snapchat For PC

Snapchat is a very popular picture messaging client for iPhone and Android that enables users to share photos and have conversations that vanish after a short moment, after which anything shared is gone forever.

Snapchat For PC

The unprompted and brief nature of the messages has given the application a fascinating repute that you can now delight in on the desktop, in spite of not having an official client for windows or Mac. As an alternative, with the help of the Android app emulator (Bluestacks), you can install and run Snapchat on a PC or Mac right now.


Snapchat for PC features

A huge number of users who don’t have a mobile platform to use this brilliant form of communication can use it comfortably right from their PC and enjoy its awesome features.

The most important and exclusive features of the app is 24 hours auto-deletion of your shared photos, texts or videos making room for new chats. Even though snaps are deleted from the app’s servers, the recipients can capture and save the sent message by taking a screenshot or applying an image capture device. The app is for people who are ready to try a totally new way of sharing photos and videos as snaps.

There are also smart filters which allow you to add data overlaps to your snaps. To enable extra additional services of the smart and visual filters, go to settings then additional services option and manage options according to your choice to relish these cool features.

Installing Snapchat for PC

Setting up this app is quite an easy procedure for nearly anyone.

1. Get Bluestacks for free and install it on your PC.

2. Launch Bluestacks and click the Search button, type “Snapchat” and click Find.

3. Click the Install button next to the Snapchat app (yellow ghost-like icon).

4. Let Bluestacks search a variety of Android stores; choose to install Snapchat form the store in the extreme right with the little Android guy icon.

5. Allow Snapchat to download and install.

6. Return to the Bluestacks home screen and click on My Apps, click Snapchat to launch.

7. At this point you can choose to login using your existing Snapchat username and password, or create a fresh one from the app. If you’ve a Snapchat account already you will instantly have your full friends list available to your from Windows, else adding friends is quite easy.

Snapchat runs with Bluestacks and gives you the exactly the same experience you would find while using the app on Android. The process of reading and sending messages is similar to using the app on a smartphone but instead using a normal keyboard, although camera support is sloppy thus photo sharing is a bit limited. However, you can still view photo messages you receive as usual.

For the best 2-way picture-messaging with full camera support you will possibly need a designated smartphone app for either iPhone or Android, but that is up to you to decide.

There you go! Now you’ve Snapchat on your desktop, and yes this installation guide on how to get snapchat for PC is quite much identical if you are on windows PC or a Mac. Have fun!